Yes, My Name Really Is Julie Duck!

If only I'd had my stories to read when I was a young adult...
If only I’d had my stories to read when I was a young adult…

Writers never die . .  they just evolve!

I am a copywriter and editor with more than 25 years of experience cranking out the hits. That means I’ve worn many hats, in several industries, and finally settled into a medical writer/editor role (at least for now). In the past, I kept my heartfelt stories to myself, until one day I could no longer limit them to three pages or less. That was the day I learned that my magazine editor role was going bye-bye, followed 30 minutes later by my doctor telling me I might haveJulie Photo thyroid cancer. Gulp.

Using the back of a diagnostic test requisition sheet, I outlined my first story, A Place In This Life, an edgy YA tale about the relationship between an introverted girl and a tough
boy who happens to have leukemia. Based on real events, A Place In This Life looks at the consequences of doing what seems easy… and doing what feels right.

Writing a book led to an offer of representation from a literary agency, book tours, quite a few rejections, and a resurrection into myself. Now I am sharing the experiences (and some sage advice) with you. Enjoy!