Meeting Destiny

Slice-of-Cake-1024x680Hello everyone –

Like many writers, I started out by writing poetry. Who knew that teenage angst would be so applicable today? I guess you’d say this is a real flashback, but I wanted to share it with you. Enjoy!


P.S. Why the cake? It’s sort of an inside joke, not at all about having your cake and eating it too, but rather how cake just always seems to be a part of life. At least it should be!


Where there is destiny

There is one who pretended to be truthful

Where there is honesty

There is one who taught me what integrity is not about

Where there is love

There is one that I never had for it was not for me

In moments of growth like the time I knew you,

Grace was found by responding, learning, humbleness and understanding

Were it not for what you did not give to me then,

I would not be where I am today…

With one who is truthful





All these things and more

Destiny. It’s where you’ll find me.


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