When Writer’s Block Lasts a Long, Long Time

When I put away my WIPs (works-in-progress) over a year ago, I told myself that it was because I was taking “a break.” After all, I needed time to sort through some legal stuff and other pressing matters, like making money through freelance writing. This didn’t mean I was putting my need to write fiction aside, it was merely a pause to reflect and get my head screwed back on. As time went by, though, I realized that no matter what I called it (a break, time off, a rest), my writing muse had left the building and I was stuck in creative purgatory with a serious case of writer’s block.Writers-Block

To quote the infamous Bill the Cat from Bloom County – ACK!!!!!!!

Being out of the daily practice of writing is akin to getting back on the exercise bus. You know you need to do it to stay healthy, but the first step is so hard and can leave you exhausted. My fear of cracking open a WIP is that I will write one page, get excited, and then put it away for another couple of months. I guess it’s easy to become distracted by life even when you have characters screaming your name from the story itself.

I do not have answer as to how to break this spell and put an end to my writer’s block. It will have to be about timing and the universe moving mountains out of the way, so that I can sit down without feeling tired, exhausted and unmotivated and once again (to quote my former agent) get that butt in the chair and write.

Are you going through the same thing? Let me know.



5 thoughts on “When Writer’s Block Lasts a Long, Long Time

  1. Ass in the chair, Julie. That is step number one LOL! I also find that re-reading a WIP form the beginning will often jar my muse into action. take out a WIP you love and simple read it, before you know you will be tinkering with it, then shortly there after, cranking out new scenes. Good luck, here to help, read, encourage whenever you need it.

  2. I’ve found the best way to cure writers block is just to write, even if you hate what is coming out of your pen. It’s just a matter of time before the thoughts begin to flow. Just as going on a jog, the first mile tends to be the hardest. Get your mentality straight, and good ideas will soon follow.

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