The Ghost Writer’s Got Bait

ImageIt takes an extraordinary writer to weave a story around the classic Van Helsing vampire slayer legend, and just when I thought I’d read them all I was introduced to Bait by K.C. Blake.

As a writer, Blake knows how to make words flow off the page and into sensations that went up my spine and into my mind, and I swear I could see what the main character, Bay-Lee Van Helsing was experiencing. That kid has one heck of a family name to live up to, not to mention the promise of death on her birthday and a complicated attraction to top hunter Nick. The thrills are real as is the voice of Blake’s teenage characters. Everything is authentic.

I highly recommend Bait as a thrilling YA Imageparanormal read that is also unparalleled in its ability to reveal good writing and excellent characters in what is a most original storyline.

Want to know more about K.C. Blake? Read my interview here!

Is writing your life, or do you live to write?

I write because I feel I have to, no choice here.  I’ve been writing since I was 12 and don’t ever plan to stop.

When did you first know you wanted to write? What did you enjoy writing at the time?

Like I said, I was 12.  I remember it well.  It took six pages for me to rewrite the ending of a movie I didn’t like, and I used a pencil to do it.  This was before anyone had heard of personal computers.  Wow, I’m old.

Did you start out writing long stories, or short?

I wrote short stories for a while.  It took me four years to finish my first full-length book.  My latest book, BAIT, is a 123,000 words.  It’s fantasy, and so much happens that it had to have the space to grow.

What led you to write young adult fiction?

I worked for Harlequin for a while writing romantic suspense, but YA has always been my first love when it comes to writing/reading. That’s probably because The Outsiders made me fall in love with reading. Before then I thought books were boring. Can you imagine?

How long did it take to write your first book? 

Four years, give or take.  Now I can do a book in three weeks as long as I have a great outline and I can stay in the zone.

How did it go when you queried your first story? Please tell us about your experience.

I had no idea what I was doing.  It makes me shudder now. People should research how to write a proper query letter before attempting it.

Do you have an agent? If so, how did you get your agent?

My agent was Stephanie with Trident Media Group, but she gave up the biz, and I decided to go solo. I got her after sending out nearly a hundred query letters.  It’s tough to find someone who believes in your book the way you do.  She worked with me on the Vampires Rule series.  She was excited about them.  The only problem was Twilight had just gone viral and publishers told us the market was already saturated with vampire stuff. They wanted something new. Stephanie suggested I put the books out as ebooks. It took me a while to listen to that great advice. 

What are you writing now? Do you write full-time?

I am working on HUNTER, the second book in the Order of the Spirit Realm series.  It follows BAIT which was just released.  After this book I will probably return to my Witch-Game series long enough to add another. Readers have been begging for the next one, and I want to keep them happy.

Book plug – please tell us who, what, why, where and when (provide links as well)! 

Summary for Bait:  At sixteen, Bay-Lee Bishop is not a typical girl.  The last thing she wants is to be popular, but flying under the radar is nearly impossible when you’re the tallest kid in the eleventh grade.  She works hard to maintain a steady C point average, never raises her hand in class, and avoids extra-curricular activity of any kind.  The other students would be shocked to learn she’s living under an alias, relocating at her uncle’s whim, and hiding from monsters who want her dead because she’s Van Helsing’s daughter.  

Life is weird.  Then everything changes.  A reaper uses her closet to cross over from the Spirit Realm right before her father whisks her away to a new school.  This is the school she was born for, the school where she will learn to hunt and kill monsters, but it isn’t what she imagined.  Students hate her, her mentor refuses to help her, and wraiths are murdering hunters on their birthdays.  She is laser-focused on training.  Love is not an option for her.  Try telling that to her heart.

 To find out more about K.C. Blake and to get your hands on her books, follow these links!


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Goodreads Book Club Discussion on Bait

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Twitter:  @kasiblake


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