A Review That’s Anything But Brief…

Simply amazed with the review of SWELL over at Book Briefs. Check it out today! Here’s a snippet:

I loved Julie Rieman Duck’s writing style. About the first third of the book starts each chapter out with a flash forward of glimpses of a horrible thing happening to someone, and with each chapter we found out a little more and got a little closer to said act actually happening. I thought it was a really unique and effective technique. Even though, I didn’t agree with the choices that Rebecca made, this was very much her own journey. I was sad that she was taken down this road so early in life, but she made her own choices. Normally, if I don’t agree with a character, that means that I won’t like them. And if I don’t like a character, that normally means that I won’t like a book. But the awesome thing about Swell is that it didn’t matter that I didn’t agree with Rebecca’s choices all the time. I still connected with her and I completely connected with the story. It sucked me in and I am still thinking about it long after I finished reading. Swell is a great book.


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