Crockpot Voodoo

This post has nothing to do with writing!! Yay!

I had a friend who lived with roommates and like so many roomie situations, the kitchen was a communal place for cookery. One of the roomies had a Crockpot – a fairly large one that you could put a giant bird into. Well, that Crockpot was used only once the whole time my friend lived there, which was about six months, and during that time the contents of said Crockpot remained IN the Crockpot and took on a life of its own.

Through the glass lid I could see the dark brown brine. There were a few things floating in it that looked neither animal, mineral, or vegetable. It was anybody’s guess what was in the nasty crock but it looked like a voodoo experiment gone wrong. Hence the term Crockpot Voodoo.

I never did find out what was in the Crockpot, nor was I too keen to take that glass lid off the appliance. The smell of the spell alone could have been life-changing.


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