New Releases On The Horizon

Yes folks, I am more than a one trick pony (any Paul Simon fans out there? God, I’m getting old!). I have a few books up my sleeve – three in fact. Here’s a summary of where they are for your amusement:

1. SWELL – My favorite. My baby.  Trisha Leaver loves it. What more can I say? This puppy is out on query and being used as toilet paper by agents and editors everywhere! Seriously, that is what I am beginning to think. In any case, it’s deluxe TP with a whole lotta awesome on it. Two twists. Things you never expected. Hot guys. Messed up girls. Not to mention Hillman. Whew! SWELL is with an editor and if she also uses it as TP, all the more merry for you. I am not kidding.

2. little rooms – I have this thing for uppercase and lowercase letters, yah? Pretty evident by now. This book is all mine. Not sharing it with agents or editors, but planning on sharing it with you this summer. If you’ve ever wanted to be the bad girl, this book is your chance.

3. The Joy & Torture of Joshua James – Decided to be a guy for once, and this one has plenty of mess on his hands. Lives next door to two sisters. One is crazier than the other. Which one? He thinks he knows, but does he? This male POV novella is going straight to Kindle, Barnes and Noble, Smashwords and Bookiejar with a release planned in the VERY NEAR future! Stay tuned!

In the meantime, A Place In This Life is coming to you ASAP in hard copy. Yep, a real book. Hold it in your hands. Burn it if you want (for publicity!!!). Smell the ink. Cut your fingers on the paper. I’m so very happy to make this happen for my readers. You’ve already showed how much you love the story in ebook format… I can’t wait to provide it in a form I can sign! Look for a giveaway on this.

Okay, that’s it for now. Expect to read a lot more from me this summer. I give and give a lot!


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