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It’s New – My Copywriting Job, That Is

Hello People of my Blog!

In the whirlwind that has been the last two weeks (you know, where my car borked and cost me big-time, and my agent said bye-bye to having me on the agency list?), something good DID happen. I accepted a job offer with an executive recruiter to work with one of the nation’s top life insurance agencies. Little old me, the marketing copywriter, will be sitting at the top of a big building (well, 10 floors is big for south Orange County, CA) and writing copy. The whole process of landing in this company is due to God and LinkedIn – after years on that social media site, it finally worked in my favor. If you have a page there, please feel free to look me up and connect!

Anyway, I thought you’d like to know what I’m running off to do – always appreciative that I get to write for a living.





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