Is KDP Select Right For Your Book?

I’m an indie book gal. What, with A Place In This Life published by moi (upon recommendation of my agent, Christine Witthohn), I’ve had to sit in the trenches looking up toward the sky, wondering how the heck to do this thing. In particular, promoting my work has been something of an adventure. Twitter is my baby, with Facebook on its heels. However, there’s something new to tempt me and my fellow indies who hope for awesome download rates and sales – Kindle Direct Publishing Select (aka KDP).

Now, I’m not going to get into the nuances of what makes up KDP, except that you have to give your book to Amazon exclusively for three months, allow it to be borrowed in their Lending Library (you make a bit of $$ here, so there’s no loss), and in return you receive 5 days wherein you can give your book away for free. This is where the mouth-watering begins. Why? Because many indie authors are using their free book days to get massive downloads, jack up their ranks in the Kindle Store, and further push their books to new heights of popularity when they start charging for it again.

The stories of success are limitless:

  • David Kazzie says KDP Select saved his book.
  • David Gaughran’s interview with author Patrice Fitzgerald demonstrates KDP Select’s power to increase sales.
  • Emlyn Chand, President of Novel Publicity & Co. outlines her experience with the KDP Select game.

There are so many more stories like these, and it’s enough to make someone like me, Julie Duck, consider KDP Select for release of my upcoming novella, The Joy & Torture of Joshua James. I’m also considering it for my other two books that I’m going to likely pull from persnickety publishers and publish myself (SWELL and little rooms).

Then again, maybe I won’t consider it. Here’s why:

I do well on Barnes & Noble. Pubit has been an awesome source of sales for A Place In This life. Is it because my readers have the Nook instead of the Kindle Fire? Perhaps. I also like making my book available through Smashwords, where I saw a good amount of downloads when I gave it away free one weekend. And now, Bookiejar (don’t you love that name?), a neat place to sell my book and feature it. Essentially, why walk away from what works toward what MIGHT work?

All that glitters isn’t necessarily gold. However, as for KDP Select, it looks mighty shiny from this side of the book cover.


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