Shhh.. I’m Writing!!!

I recently started a new day gig as a marketing copywriter (big shock!). The company is mid-sized, stable and worker-friendly. The marketing department where I sit consists of 9 people of various creativity – other writers, SEO specialists, artists and assistants. From what I’ve seen, they’re all good at their jobs and nice people. But man, it’s frickin’ quiet in there!

Like nursery school naptime quiet.

Marketing departments from my past are boisterous, loud, obnoxious havens of ideas. People talking constantly. Chatter. Music – sometimes loud. Chewing. The occasional burp or worse. You name it, there was always something to listen to whether I liked it or not. Here, it’s so quiet I forget I’m working in a marketing deparment. They even have the lights off (now, I’m happy about his because I hate fluorescent lights – they are of the devil!). Sounds like the right environment in which to write, right? Not necessarily.

Copywriting and fiction writing are two birds that cannot be killed with one stone (or something like that). Copywriting in a marketing department is ideally, in my opinion, a wild affair. Concepting meetings, bouncing ideas off the heads of others, and pretending to be extroverted go with the territory. The results are vibrant ideas and lively dreams that sell, sell, sell. Granted, quiet introspection is also necessary for good copywriting. Don’t get me wrong… I WANT people to shut up, hence the reason for my iPod Shuffle. What I mean is this type of environment – the quiet one – is more suited for fiction writing.

Aye, there’s the rub. With my fiction writing, I am usually hounded by one person or another in the household. My son will chat it up. Clothes dryers ding and ding again when ignored. The phone rings. The neighbor’s kid shouts for my son from over the fence. Only in the dead of night, and if I’m lucky enough that people will actually sleep, do I get the kind of quiet I often get at work every day! Fancy that.

If I could trade the copywriting environment for the fiction writing one, I’d do it. Then I’d have the ideal balance of livelihood and solemn silence to get both jobs done. No more “shushing” or turning on The Weather Channel for background noise. Yeah, I like this idea. Now, how to make it work…


One thought on “Shhh.. I’m Writing!!!

  1. It would be nice to trade environments.

    I tend to write late at night and early in the morning because I hate distractions. I have no kids, though, so it’s easy to change my sleeping habits.

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