The Writer’s Vacation From Writing

I am aghast at how “gone” I have been the last few months. Whereas a year ago I was a loyal blogger, posting once or twice a week, I am now a “blooger.” A booger? When I used to tweet regularly and arrange Hootsuite updates when I couldn’t reach the keys, I am now a twit! LOL!

I have, however, been good to Facebook. Go figure.

My agent, Christine Witthohn, says that “life happens” and things like writing, platform building and upkeep take a back seat. Major and minor upheavals in a writer’s life are distracting at the least, let alone all encompassing. Massive change is sure to keep the most creative person from conjuring up fictional hoo-haw. Why should they? Life is already quite dramatic.

Times like these send me into a creative down spin. I lose the desire to make things up and write about them. Maintaining blogs and tweets mean little in the face of what really needs attention in my life. And I’m sure it’s the same for you. Even so, staying away from the passion that is writing can only last so long.

You see, when you go without something you crave for awhile, it’s easy to resist. Then it becomes harder. You see images of your craving. You think about how it smells. Feels. Tastes. Maybe a little bit? Just a smidge… and you let that craving back into your world to take its rightful place among the needs in your life. Writing is like this. I NEED to write and express. You do, too.

Absence makes the heart grow fonder… being absent from your writerly life has the same effect. When it’s time to return, your fingers will tingle and your mind will race with little ideas that must be put to paper. You really want to take those ruby slippers and go home. All vacations come to an end sooner or later.


10 thoughts on “The Writer’s Vacation From Writing

  1. I was feeling a little “word weary” recently, so I deliberately took a week off from writing. I felt really refreshed afterwards, even though it was hard at first to not think about writing. The best part about saying, “I’m taking a vacation from writing” is I didn’t have to waste time feeling guilty. LOL

    1. It’s nice when you can take a week off intentionally. I was never able to do that. I just had to keep writing and working on my platform. Your plan for a “vacation” is a good way to keep on-task with your goals… definitely no guilt if planned accordingly!

    1. Hey Paul!

      Thank you so much. Been a loooong time. I’m working my way back to writerly health. First with the blog. Second with my WIP. Hope you’re doing well!

      – Julie

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