Come For the Camaraderie, Stay For the Elevator Pitch: A Writer’s Conference

There are plenty of things I’ve never done. I’ve never been skiing. I’ve never been to Hawaii. I’d never seen E.T. until last year. This weekend, I’ll be crossing an important Never off my Someday list. I’m going to my first writer’s conference.

I feel a bit dorky admitting this. First of all, I’ve watched my fellow writers on Twitter go hog-wild-mad for conferences. Whether it’s the RWA or SCBWI, these people are flying across the country to learn new things, share with other writers and, more than likely, get away for a bit from regular life.

Given that many of you are probably snickering at me, the Conference Newbie, I must admit that I’m proud of my position. I’m coming at it with new eyes and hopes. Will I learn something? Will I meet new friends? Will there be an editor I bump into who just happens to want a book like SWELL? What are my goals for attending? I definitely want to broaden my horizons and learn all that I can about book writing, publishing and the mindset that goes along with it.

Some have asked why I’m flying across the country to West Virginia when I could just as well attend a conference in Los Angeles. First of all, a conference out here costs a heck of a lot. Second, my agent is attending the upcoming conference and I really, really, really want to meet her in-person. Third, I’m looking forward to meeting other writers in the  Book Cents Literary fold (hello Sheila!). And lastly, I need to get out there and network, for as much as I love my friends and family, they aren’t my colleagues.

With that said, I need to start packing and fretting about what awaits me… what I assume will be a whole new experience to charge my mind, feed my soul and send me back to California with aspirations for a new story in my life.


4 thoughts on “Come For the Camaraderie, Stay For the Elevator Pitch: A Writer’s Conference

  1. I just attended my second conference. I love the feeling I get after a conference, because I’m inspired to work at both the artistic and business sides of my writing.

    1. I understand! I sat in the airport (thanks to mega delays) working on my latest story. My fingers were flying and it felt like I was going at the right pace.

      – Julie

    1. Hi Paul!

      I did have a great time. It’s nice to meet other writers and talk about… writing! It was also awesome to meet some of the writers from my agency – what a cool batch of people! Definitely want to attend another.

      – Julie

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