Please Don’t Take My Blogging Away

The sun rises. The coffee maker spews out brew. And I’m on the run for my life! Actually, I’m unable to run for my life, or away from it for that matter, because life is a funny thing that happens on the way toward our goals.

These last few weeks have been extraordinarily busy. I’ve taken on more hours at work, and more when I get home. New projects come across my desk like flying fingers of death (actually, it’s more like potential prosperity), and I’m left cleaning up the aftermath at midnight. Not to mention I have a little boy to look after. Oh, and I’m supposed to blog in between all of this.

Uh, not this week!

I realized my sin this morning… that I had not yet blogged this week. Being a writer, I find blogging a great way to get the word out about, eh, my words? To share with others and hopefully inspire some or many with a quip from my brain. So here it is – my weekly blog post. It isn’t fancy. It isn’t really related to writing (I could be wrong, as I am, indeed, writing this, the post could therefore be about writing). But it’s something to tide you over until next week, when real life hopefully gives me more than a moment to fit my passion for blog writing into my schedule.

Have a good one!


4 thoughts on “Please Don’t Take My Blogging Away

  1. I blog at least once a week. I get to connect with other bloggers while I polish my non-fiction writing skills.

    Busy can be good, but I hope you can squeeze in some me-time.

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