I’ll Take WIP #3

WIP, WIP in the mirror, which one goes and which stays here?

It’s like all stages of literary undress. Some WIPs are presentable. Others needs to put on makeup. While a few should be banished to Siberia

I’ve got three WIPs (works in progress) in my coffers and they’re all vying for my attention. The first, Little Rooms, is a YA novel that is almost done. Seriously. It needs the finale, and the front end is beta-read and proofed. Why I cannot finish it is beyond me. Could be a state of disbelief that I made it this far with the darned tale. Or it’s my intuition telling me this will never fly (or my old friend, self-doubt).

WIP #2 tempts me, because it’s fun to write. Male POV. The MC likes the two sisters next door, but one of them has a dark secret. It’s all fine and dandy, and I love the dialogue. However, I cannot for the life of me figure out what the dark secret is! And right now, I have little patience to go looking.

WIP #3 calls to me from the heart. It’s a dark story (my preference) based on real events that happened in Lake Forest, California in the mid-1990s. I’ve always felt such a pang in my soul to write about the events wherein a young girl’s life is forever changed because she walked through a park known as “The Forest.” This is the easiest, most natural WIP to write, and because it is effortless I think I’ll choose WIP #3

So, what of the other two works-in-progress? They’re here, and they will be finished. But not after I complete the work necessary to make WIP #3 a living, breathing story that takes people into the dark night of the soul and brings them back to a place they never thought could help them.

Ahh, it feels good to know what I’m doing (today, anyway)!


4 thoughts on “I’ll Take WIP #3

  1. It’s nice to have choices. I have one WIP with beta readers now, and two more that are complete and have survived several rewrites but I’m probably going to start something new while the readers read ’cause I just got grabbed around the throat by an idea that won’t let go!

    And it definitely feels good to know what I’m doing even if it is day by day.

  2. So many choices. Sometimes I find it hard to pick: should I finish the one closest to the end or the newer one that I’m dying to write. I usually pick the one I’m closest to finishing to keep myself more organized. What happened in Lake Forest in the 1990’s?

    1. I won’t go into too much detail, but a young girl was raped in a park known as The Forest. Her family fell apart (and I won’t say anymore, just to keep my story intact).

      I should go back and finish Little Rooms… it’s so close.

  3. I completely understand how you feel. I too have multiple wip’s. One novel is complete and needs to be edited. ( a YA scifii/fantasy novel and my favorite). The next is a mystery novel. I literally am at the end of it, yet I cannot finish the darn thing for the life of me. I also ask myself why? What is blocking me from typing THE END, fear of the unknow?

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