Book Trailer Frustration!!

As many of you may recall, I wrote a blog post about book trailers in January. I was enamored with the process, took hold of  iMovie’s capabilities, and created a trailer for A Place In This Life. However, after creating it I hit the wall.

I couldn’t figure out what the hell to do with regards to exporting the darned thing. It was either too big, or too small. Editing the text after I created the trailer was next to impossible. Seems every time I changed the font and bumped up the size, it played the frame not once, but twice! Yikes! Command Z! Command Z!

I played around with the book trailer for a solid week, trying to coax it to work for me. To-date it’s still sitting on my desktop, a blatant message telling me that I don’t know ‘nuthin about birthing no babies (or book trailers). If you were standing over my shoulder, I’d show you the high-quality version… about the only one you can actually read and relate to.

So, I’m bummed. It’s really a good book trailer, and the music rocks (thanks to the lovely Visual Audio Sensory Theatre genius that is Jon Crosby and his permission to use it).

At least I know the trailer won’t make or break whether I land the heart of an editor with my story, but I do know this: if it all goes down successfully, you can bet I will be calling Claudia Jackson (NovelHelp) to create a professional and tasty book trailer.

And that’s about all, cowboy small!


6 thoughts on “Book Trailer Frustration!!

  1. I’ve never tried to make a book trailer but it sounds like a cool, creative process. I hope you can get yours to work ’cause I’d like to see it. And I think you are right, it won’t make or break a deal.

    And, “that’s about all, cowboy small.”

    1. Remember Cowboy Small? That book ROCKS! Love it.

      I’m on the trail of making the trailer work. Have several good and knowledgeable peeps helping me, so that soon, I too, will have my book trailer up for all to see!

      – Julie

  2. Instead of embedding it into your blog, you could just try uploading it to your website (like doing – or whatever extension you’re using). That way people will have a full view of it.

    Also, when one software doesn’t work for me, I try another one. It’s time-consuming, but I switch around until I find something more understandable.

    1. Medeia –

      I keep trying to post comments at your blog, but Blogger won’t let me! Ack!! Help! I’ve had this problem with other Blogger accounts. Just wanted you to know I do post comments… even though they are invisible!!!!

      – Julie

      1. I will put on my invisibility goggles and read them. Just kidding. I don’t know what’s up. A few other people comment on my blog with OpenID.

        Sometimes I get errors on other Blogger accounts when I comment. I hope it’s only a recent glitch.

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