Just a little note here – I was recently asked to read submissions for wonderwriters.com, a great organization that encourages MG kids to flex their writing abilities. I think I pored over 20 submissions tailored to the theme of “Most Influential People.” The process was AMAZING, and I enjoyed reading the contestants’ stories. It is intriguing to see which stories stand out (in particular, one writer positioned themselves as an excellent spinner of prose, and I hope to meet this kid real soon because he/she reminds me of myself at 12).

Anyway, I am attending the Wonderwriters awards ceremony on Sunday, April 18 in Irvine, CA and have been asked to speak — provide words of encouragement for these wonderful kids who put their guts down on paper. This is my first speaking engagement as a writer, and I’m thrilled. Just wanted to share the moment with everyone

– Julie


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