Just A Gripe

WordPress doesn’t allow for widgets. Hence the reason you see nothing from my fine friends and other groups such as Goodreads on here. I tried Blogspot before WordPress, and am wondering about Blogger. Any suggestions?

– Julie

P.S. Otherwise, I love WordPress.


5 thoughts on “Just A Gripe

  1. Blogger and Blogspot are the same thing. And they have tons of widgets.

    WordPress.com doesn’t allow widgets? I installed the WordPress software on my own website, and that certainly allows widgets. Lots of ’em.

  2. My domain is on WordPress and widgets are allowed. Check your dashboard and make sure you have a template that has one or two columns. I believe the default is one column.

    My blog is on Blogger, and it’s very user friendly in the areas of widgets and designs.

  3. I used Livejournal for years. I tried Blogger and will never go to another platform again unless they hand me a poochscrew. So far it’s easy to put together, quick to customize, and simple to widget.

    At LJ I couldn’t even install a dang counter on my blog because of their idiotic restrictions on content.

    My only complaint about Blogger (may be on all services) is that there is no technical support. Everything is forum based, so your questions may or may not be answered evvah.

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