How I Lost My Paranormal Virginity

I was once a virgin of the paranormal variety. I’d pass the ghost books at Barnes & Noble without giving them a first glance. I was the maven of reality fiction, after all, where pain meets the pavement and the stories could have really happened. I was of the ilk who loved the beauty and pain of a good read because it was about realistic people. None of those fairies, vampires, wolves, angels or, God forbid, zombies.

It was  kind of like abstinence. You think about whatever you’re abstaining from a lot (yes, I know what you’re thinking), but never go for it because you’ve got morals and standards. By golly, nobody is gonna move your mountain! Then lo and behold, when you least expect it, you find yourself on the other side of “no” and feeling somewhat guilty about it. Well, the same thing goes for paranomal YA stories and me.

I’ll admit to having my own paranormal upbringing. If I were to tell all the stories and experiences, I’m certain they’d fit nicely on the shelves between The Summoning and Ruined. A consequence of my childhood is that I’ve been extremely turned off of paranormal literature. And then my neighbor just had to loan me Twilight. Now, I’d previously embraced all the Ann Rice vampire books, reading them in secret lest anyone think I wanted to live that lifestyle. However, I soon found myself sucked into blood lust once again and craving more.

When I couldn’t get enough of vampires, I moved on to fallen angels and demons. Guys with wings (always). Today, I have Beautiful Creatures sitting on the table next to me, using all of its seduction to pull me even farther away from paranormal abstinence.

Big surprise – I like these books.

Maybe I should wear a red P on my shirt, denoting the loss of my paranormal virginity. Being seen in the section of Borders that’s plastered with Bella, Edward and a host of black book covers is like being caught with my pants down. At least I’m finally admitting it… that I love quite a few of these paranormal stories and look forward to reading more.

After all, it’s not like I can go back to holding hands.


14 thoughts on “How I Lost My Paranormal Virginity

  1. I used to see “paranormal” on boards and forums all the time and wasn’t sure what that label meant, but then I got sucked into reading those books. I believe I began with Melissa Marr.

  2. My comment disappeared…here I go again.

    I wasn’t sure what paranormal was–I saw it on forums and boards all the time. But then I picked up Melissa Marr and there was no turning back.

    1. LOL! I didn’t know this comment was from you at first! Man! It would be interesting to write something semi-paranormal. I’m just afraid of going all the way. LOL!

      – Julie

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