Bad Boys & Other Delights

Some things are bad, while some things are so bad they’re good. And you want more of them. Think this is a bad idea? Only if bad means good, and it’s for your young adult story.

Nothing flavors a YA tale like bad boys. They’re deviant, devilish, defiant and oh so cool. Not to mention they say what they want and have that special eye for making girls nervous with a single glance. Some of the hottest YA books today feature the bad boy as the main character’s love interest and, oftentimes, savior. Most famous (from the paranormal side) is Edward Cullen from Twilight. However, I’ve gotta give kudos to fallen angel Patch Cipriano from Hush Hush. Now that guy has some talk on him. The dialogue is extradorinarily good in a bad way – because the bad boy is the one saying it! Seems there’s a lot of spin on bad paranormal boys — anyone who is undead, unholy, invisible, hairy with fangs and the like. But what about the normal bad boys?

Oh yes, Johnny Castle has come home. (Wait a minute, he’s from a movie, not a book. Oh well, so what? Nobody puts Baby in a corner.)

The bad boy is all around us in real life. He hangs out behind the school, works the weird underground jobs such as night janitor for the Gas & Sip and drives a motorcycle instead of a car. His hair is disheveled and sexy. A tattoo peeks out from under the sleeve of his black t-shirt. And his body is lean and cut from doing things like fighting, running from the law and, as noted above, mopping gas station bathroom floors. What’s there not to love about being desired by the one society desires the least (or so they tell us)?

Whether your bad boy has broken wings, a set of sexy fangs or a penchant for robbery (hint-hint for Little Rooms, my almost-finished story), he deserves a special place in the heart of the YA novel. Why? Because not only do the main characters seem to want him, so do the ones we need the most — the readers.


6 thoughts on “Bad Boys & Other Delights

    1. I’d loan it to you if you weren’t all the way across the country! It’s worth reading… and I just learned that the sequel is coming out this Fall. Yesssss! Right now I’m juggling Hunger Games with Fallen, and I have Shiver waiting (you read that one, I recall).

      – Julie

  1. Yeah, what is it about bad boys that girls love? I had one experience with a bad boy – and it was 7th grade. He was the kid that smoked in the bathroom. And the only reason I liked him was because I knew him in elementary school before he was like that. Equally, I think he was attracted to my extreme “good girl” image… but, yeah, never again. Good thing the stakes aren’t as high in 7th grade… LOL. I’ve stayed away from bad boys ever since, but I will admit to enjoying them in books. 😀

    1. Hi Krissi!

      Oh yes, the bad boy is best experienced in books or the movies. In real life, he is less than ideal and will only drag you down.

      – Julie

  2. Yeah talking abut bad boys I recently read “Perfect Chemistry” it’s the same old story but it always works for me, Alex is an exceptionally good looking bad boy a real pleasure.

    I am not really into paranormal stuff so I am sticking to reality, what about Marcus Flutie in Sloppy first. After years he is still one of my favourite YA bad boy.

    Maybe I will give a try to Hush Hush

    1. Sometimes the same story is something you can count on (like grilled cheese sandwiches!). I’ve heard about Perfect Chemistry and need to put that on my list of must-reads.

      I was surprised when I found myself interested in reading Hush Hush. I’m also at the end of Fallen. Seems I’ve been pulled through the fallen angel portal, but in the end I prefer edgy, realistic YA stories such as WIntergirls, 13 Reasons, etc. However, I recommend Hush Hush if only for the lusty bad guy.

      – Julie

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