Kindle, Kindle On The Shelf…

What would the world look like without physical works of literature? You know — those musty books with sleeves that bit the dust a long time ago? Stacks of books with dry, broken spines from being opened a thousand times? Arrangements of books from small to large on your shelf? For one, there’d be a lot more space! Without all the books to store, you’d have more room for family photos, vases of flowers, and piles of dirty dishes, among other things.

Imagine the possibilities when everything you need to read is downloaded into a convenient, lightweight e-reader…

Is That Your Purse or A Suitcase? Lugging War and Peace around in your handbag is, well, something you and your chiropractor really don’t want you to do. But you need your reads with you, right? Simply download the suckers to your e-reader and your bag will be fashionably lighter.

Remove the Books and Get More Looks! It’s a sore spot for many, the thought of libraries reduced to mere download centers. However, with the space that is freed-up from such a transition, libraries will have newfound room for ancillary programs, such as study groups, cut n’ paste days for the kiddos, and author invites. There might even be room for a reader hoedown.

Make the Move to E-readers and Clear the Clutter! There’s a pile of books next to my bed, as well as the couch. A nice e-reader would make them both disappear, and my husband that much happier to feel the chi flowing free around our furniture.

Drain The Juvenile Back Sprain! How many times have you seen kids with enormous backpacks? Sometimes it’s even difficult to see the kid carrying the darned thing. You know what’s in there? Huge textbooks. With e-readers, we will protect the future back health of our children (as the former editor of a chiropractic magazine, I know this!).

As a writer, however, I’m a bit nervous about not having books around. The smell of fresh ink, the shiny new covers, and the jacket copy beg me to keep holding on. If we have no books, where will authors autograph their works? What if we don’t want family photos and dishes on our shelves? Where will we go when it’s a rainy day and we want to borrow something to read? An e-reader is a nice idea, and I’d love to have one (wink-wink), but for now I’ll appreciate ink and paper, lug around heavy books in my purse, allow the piles of literature to litter my house, and laugh at the kids teeter-tottering on the way to school under their ginormous backpacks.

Sidenote -I’d love to hear your thoughts about the recent Amazon/Macmillan situation. Who controls what? Does the reader ever get to win? And what about bringing down the prices for these e-readers?


3 thoughts on “Kindle, Kindle On The Shelf…

  1. I have been warming up to the ereaders and you make some really good arguments. But, I’m not giving up on paper books until they can make an ereader that can do the following:
    -be dropped in a pool
    -be used to kill a spider
    -be used to prop up a couch
    -be used as a coaster.

    To say nothing of being used to press those hokey high-school corsages. Sigh.

    1. LOL! Spider killing machines! Yes, I have spider guts on the back of many books. I enjoy my book piles and would hate for them to go.

      I love your list of additional uses for a real book. Marvelous!

      – Julie

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