It’s 10:00 p.m. and I’m Out Of Words

What to do when the day is about done — and so is your creativity? Why not try banging your head against the wall? Grabbing a beer or chocolate bar? Or going to bed?

I’ll bet you anything you want that most writers know this dilemma well. It’s like trying to get a burst of flavor from a stale crust of bread. You’ve used up your words for the day, or hit a wall that your main character cannot break through. Some people call it writer’s block, but I think that’s just plain mean. Really, it’s being lost for words and having no idea where your oomph went. Times like these, it’s best to cut bait instead of fishing for nothing.

Why take a brief hiatus from your work in progress? Because it might be the very element you need to hop over the temporary delay in creativity. I’m not talking about taking days off from your WIP – that would be like cutting off your lifeblood. I’m thinking of a few hours, or even 12, just to refresh your mind and fill it with all the wonder of mundane thoughts.

Often, when you’ve had your share of office blabber, jibber-jabber from a four-year-old, and enough Oprah to make your ears swap sides, you’ll have a flash of creativity. How many of you spawn new ideas in odd places… in line at the store, throwing dirty laundry into the washing machine, while cutting your toenails, and (everyone’s favorite) in the shower? Does it really matter where you are when you get your words back? All that matters is you’ll be there, on the playing field at 10:00 p.m., ready to #wipfire on Twitter and roll toward a happy ending.

Hooray! Your spark is back!


2 thoughts on “It’s 10:00 p.m. and I’m Out Of Words

    1. If you think about your WIP long enough, it moves on its own! Thank goodness, cause sometimes I feel like I don’t have enough power in my thoughts to think of another twist.

      – Julie

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