I Sat Down To Write…

One year ago, I sat down in front of the computer with a big bandage on my neck and a body full of meds, determined to start my story. I didn’t get far – perhaps a few pages – but it was the beginning of an amazing year.

I had to teach myself to write every day, at night, when I had time. Because I have a young child, it was basically impossible to write during the day, but I tried. At least I could edit hard copy while he played. When the sun went down, though, I wrote… and rewrote. For three months I put my heart and soul into A Place In This Life, only taking off Christmas Eve and one other day because I was sick. Even if it was a few sentences, I wrote.

After three months, I edited the story for another three. I had never written this much, and had almost 100,000 words to deal with. With a lot of cutting and trimming, I got it down to 86-87,000 words and was happy with it.

Then came the query letter, which was another writing and editing project in itself. If you’re new to this whole writing thing, I recommend absolutewrite.com for help and guidance. They will advise you on what to do, what not to do, and will critique your work if you let them. All in all, this makes you a better writer and gives you a better shot at making your story go farther than you ever thought it could.

Today, I have an agent that loves the story and we’re looking forward to sending it out for consideration. If you’d told me a year ago that all this would happen, I would have thought it was the painkillers talking. Dreams do come true, if they are in your heart and you know they are real.


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