Why I Hate My New Story

Because I’m sure it sucks. Really. There’s all these words and no way I can put together a coherent, interesting story. Might as well shove this in a drawer and go eat ice cream.

Or drink wine. A lot.

Do you ever feel like this? I do. Right now. Having been away from my WIP for the last few days (thank you, Mr. Cold Virus), I came at it with fresh eyes. And I hated every minute of it. It’s not a bad story, but I’m not sure. Then again, that’s how I felt about the first two deals I wrote, and they ended up pretty decent. But this one?

  • Trash it
  • Stomp on it
  • Send it into CyberHell
  • Color the letters white so nobody can read it

As writers, we are the first ones to criticize our work. We just seem to have the disposition for disliking our stories… our babies, if you must. Throw them out with the bathwater, cause nobody will ever want to cherish them like we do.

Hating your story is often a part of the writing experience. You will think your plot is poop, dislike your main characters to the point of wanting them killed-off, and feel embarrassed to even consider letting the story see the light of day. But there’s hope.


You will get over this. The doubts will go as you work and rework your first chapters, enhancing the vibrancy that colors your words. You’ll notice details that detract from the story, eliminate chaff, and begin to feel a strong bond with the people you’ve created. From there, a love story will build until you type E-N-D and feel depressed that it’s over.

Don’t worry – misery is right around the corner with your next story. Enjoy!


One thought on “Why I Hate My New Story

  1. I’ve experienced that rollercoaster of love and hate, like and dislike with my writing. Sometimes I tell myself that even if what I’m working on doesn’t live beyond my own computer screen that just the act of writing it, wrestling with it, makes me a better writer.

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