Where The YA Boys Are

How many young adult novels do you know of that don’t include the love/lust/yearning/desire/flirting/wackiness/heartbreak/et cetera that’s based on the MC falling for a boy (or two)?

Heck, who’d want to read anything BUT that? Where would Twilight be if Bella simply complained about how green Forks was and how she sucked at volleyball? Yuck-o.

The YA boys are where it’s at. Many readers dream of being wanted. Desired. Rescued from being unloved. They want to experience the thrill of that first flirtation, meeting eyes in the school hallway, standing close to HIM and feeling his body heat. Ahhh, yes, there’s the story within the story.

Throwing a boy or two into your work brightens the place, fluffs the pillows, and brings heartfelt feelings to the surface. However, by no means should you toss a guy in there because of this (even characters in your book have feelings!). It should be natural, it should be something you know from experience (of course I don’t write anything from experience – snicker-snicker), and it should move the story along.

So if you’re looking for a delicious read this holiday season, just look to where the YA boys are.


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