Making Story Soup

Soup-up your supper with a super story!
Hungry for a good story? Wonderful! Let’s make story soup! But where can we get the ingredients we need for something that is satisfying to both the heart and soul?

I’ll be the first to say that stories come from the imagination. But that’s not enough. They also come from our experiences with people and life situations. When writers can pull from both sources, a striking tale is created — the perfect base for our recipe!

Think about what you’ve been through in life. Did your parents divorce? Did your dad lose his job and you had to eat donated food from the church pantry? Were you popular (lucky you!) in school, admired by geeks and freaks wherever you went? Or did you have just a little bit of a craving for illicit substances? All of these scenarios can make great stories — and seasonings for the hearty broth in our pot!

Even better, you can pull story lines from the lives of people you’ve known. I’m not advocating that you tell the story of your best friend in high school, line-by-line. That could be harmful to the person. But if you pick and choose little bits here and there — the flavor of that person’s life — you’ll be surprised at how tasty your story soup can be. Gee, this is making me hungry! How about you?


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