Everyone’s Doing The Nervy-Pervy Query Dance!

Wacka wacka wacka
Wacka! Wacka! Wacka!
Quick! What are the two things a writer’s fingertips touch most? Ah heck, pretty much anything (including wine, candy bars, door handles). However, mine have been touching the keyboard whenever and wherever possible, as well as meeting the sharp edges of my nervous teeth.

I’ve been in query hell this last week. Freaking, actually. I have a story I really, really like that’s short of addictive (it’s downright SWELL), and I’m afraid my query letter isn’t. After several rounds at Absolutewrite.com‘s Query Letter Hell (hello Squirrel Man, Suki, and all you good folks), I sent the blessed piece to about 11 people of great importance. It’s been about a week and the crickets are chirping. Then again, I have no patience.

I am a very impatient patient person.

It could be that because my last query garnered requests 24 hours later that I find myself wiggy. Or it’s because my son is asking me why his Bakugan toy from McDonald’s doesn’t open anymore (insert brain fart here). A few glasses of wine helped for a minute last night. Now I’m left with itchy hands that are touching not only the keyboard and my teeth, but dying to rewrite my query letter yet again.

Somebody save me!


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