Is It Beer-30 Yet?

ar12206474564395After writing all 69,000 words of SWELL, editing it, proofreading it, cussing it out… I am utterly exhausted. Oh, let us not forget the lovely challenge of writing a darn good query letter and synopsis to go along with the manuscript. Not to mention putting together a list of 70+ literary agents to send the whole shebang to.

Having just put these invaluable tools of the trade to bed, I feel like my eyes have blurred over and that I need to lay on a chaise with a glass of wine and a cigarette (being 9 years quit, I no longer have this sinful luxury to fall back on – dang!). It is like pregnancy – you cannot breathe cause there’s no room for your lungs. You cannot eat, cause your tummy is flat up against your flat lungs. You waddle, barely able to make it to the toilet to pee. It’s a lot of work, and when you finally have the baby in your arms, you need a vacation. I’m at that stage.

With that said, working on a book is one of the most fabulous things I can imagine doing. It is like chocolate fudge frosting, or a Boxer puppy. Good stuff, even if it does make me need a week-long nap.


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