Synopsis – Nasal Spray or a Necessity?

imgname--dangers_of_nasal_spray_addiction---50226711--images--nasal_sprayI told my mom that I was gearing up to write the synopsis for my new manuscript, SWELL. She had, as usual, an interesting take on the term synopsis.

“It sounds like a nasal spray. Synostril.”

After I fell off my chair and peed my pants laughing (well, wouldn’t you?) I thought about her clever thinking style. See, my mom is a word person like me, who can take anything with letters in it and come up with different words. A lover of Scrabble, whenever my mom visits she rips the Word Scramble out of my LA Times. There are tons of books on her bookshelf. And by golly, she’s made me a library addict.

Most importantly, she taught me to love reading.

So, whenever my mom pulls a synostril out of left field, or any odd word derivative like that, I stop and ponder the true meaning. Even though I oftentimes don’t know what that is, it sure beats the pants off any synopsis!


2 thoughts on “Synopsis – Nasal Spray or a Necessity?

  1. Either I’m just insanely exhausted from a very long week, or I’m as twisted as you are – but I find Synostryl hysterically hysterical.

    And damn. LA Times? As in, you’re like, in Los Angeles?

  2. Hi Lynn –

    And what a week it was (well, it still IS, unfortunately)! Birds of a feather think twisted together. Yes, this is something my mother actually said. Guess it runs in my family.

    I’ll admit that even though I live right here in OC (Mission Viejo), I read the Los Angeles Times. Better writing, better stories. Sorry Register!

    – Julie

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