Why I’m Stopping

Happy Friday!

I’ve been posting snippets of my latest work, SWELL, here on my blog. And while I’ve enjoyed sharing a bit of the story with everyone, I feel the need to stop. If you’re upset by this and want more of the story, then I am truly flattered.

If you don’t care, I’m fine with that, too. But I want the mystery of this story to stay intact, and because Thursday’s installment was headed toward a sensitive part of the story, I felt it best to nip things in the bud. Save it for later. Let the mind wander.

Now, when I take this story to the land of literary agents, maybe there will be the chance for SWELL to become available for the masses. Until then, I hope you’ve enjoyed what has already been posted… and hunger for more. If you do, please let me know right here! Post a comment… and feel free to refer your book-loving friends to my blog!

Have a good one!

– Julie


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