Did I Make An Oopsie? You Bet!

worst_mistakeThis week has seen me writing and rewriting the same two chapters in an effort to get them right. It seems that the flow between chapters wasn’t there… words cut-off from their brethren in utter darkness!

Learning about a mistake early in the writing process is golden. I don’t have to fret later on down the line, and I’ve made some wonderful writer friends that I intend to keep near me at all times!

Now, I wouldn’t have known that the chapters needed fixing were it not for one of my beta readers, Soscen Felix (Absolutewrite.com pen name), pointing out a glaring boo-boo. He helped me see this monumental oopsie, and gave me suggestions for its remedy.

I very well could have caught this misstep during the copy editing phase of this book… but that would have been far down the line, when I was comfortable with my work and feeling confident it was somewhat right.

As for the oopsies that pop-up more frequently, I give my thanks to beta reader Trisha. Her keen eyes and logical way of thinking have taken awkward moments and turned them into moving passages.

In the end, the first draft of SWELL will be more polished and beautiful than anything I did previously. Think about it — oopsies, boo-boos, and mistakes in general, happen all the time. When you have a good team to rely on, you are that much closer to perfect than you would otherwise be on your own.


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