A Time For Reflection

9-11-01candlesimplelarge1Eight years ago, I stood watching the aftermath of the terrorist attacks on television. At that time, I was struck with the realization that I had a past, and a future. The past was everything before 9/11, with the future being the years that have flown by since then. While my experience was not unique, I saw it as something to grow and learn from.

When there is a tragic catalyst for change, it can pull us from our comfort zones and put us in the middle of discomfort-ville — where you don’t know what’s coming next and all your expectations have gone out the window. September 11 was horrific, but it got so many people to consider what they had been putting off. Friends who lived with their partners got married. Babies were born. Businesses were created. And people starting living the lives they had only dreamed of.

Don’t put-off your writing dreams — or any dream for that matter. There will be some who are poor judges of talent, often without discretion. But there are many more who will admire your courage to strike-out and just do it. Be their inspiration before, during, and after every single day.

– Julie


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