A Copywriter and a Novelist Walk Into A Bar…

equiv-777750There is no Priest or Rabbi for this story. Just little ol’ me. I started thinking about all the styles of writing I’ve done, and how some are similar in principle, while others are not. Take fiction writing and copywriting for example. Both require a good subject, great flow and an ending with impact.

I sat back and observed the similarities and differences in my craft and its respective offshoots. Having a multitude of writing experiences under my belt has helped me sing stories, build hooks, and allowed readers to find entertainment as well as great products and services within my words.

In the case of copywriting, I want the reader to take action (yes, please buy my client’s skin cream!!!). I will hopefully have some hard facts and information to go off of:

  • Product X contains a powerful liquid antioxidant, say Phineas.406
  • It is proven to wipe away wrinkles within four days.
  • It also smells nice and helps toxins bubble to the skin’s surface for easy clean-up.

The result is younger-looking skin that is easy to maintain. From this lineup, I concoct the elements that surround my marketing-based story and go from there.

With fiction writing, however, the end should really be the beginning of a beautiful relationship between the reader and my writing (and prod them to visit Amazon.com to see what other goodies I’ve written). Entrap the reader in a good story and I’ve accomplished a great ending!

When I write fiction, I sometimes find myself selling the product (i.e., the plot, the characters, the voice) and have to go back through everything and eliminate excess verbiage and description overload. However, when I write copy, I want description in terms of that which is beneficial to the target audience — the more, the merrier (as long as they are useful). Then I go into a creative tangent and turn a perfectly good advertorial into a saga with chapters and drama (not really, but something like that, only shorter).

What I’m getting at is, if you’re a writer, chances are good that you write more than one style (one that pays the bills, the other that feeds the soul).

Of course, if I’m ever at a loss for words in front of an ad or chapter, I’ve always got that bar to walk into…


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