When Your Characters Turn You On

lovesunIt’s late at night, and you’re working toward finishing a chapter. Even though you’d like to quit and go sleep, you’re hooked to the very end because you’re attracted to one of your characters. When you finally do go to sleep, you dream about them, and cannot wait to greet them again the next day.

Admit it – you’re turned-on.

As a writer, you know your characters more intimately than anyone else. After all, you created them from bits and pieces of people you’ve known and those you’d like to. Even the most diabolical, nasty and rotten characters can hold charming qualities that make you think twice about what you’d do if you met them in person.

Even though I asked you to admit being turned on by your characters, I have a hard time doing so myself. In my most recent work, SWELL, I fell into a love/hate relationship with the protagonist. He is good looking, rich, and popular. He’s also a bastard teetering on this edge of dark behavior. And I like him… a lot. This guy is the work of several different people I’ve known in my lifetime, including a small helping of my own personality.

I believe the most loved characters in fiction were the great loves of their creators. To feel an attraction to a character  allows you to intimately know their innermost  workings. Like a best friend or spouse, you are close with your character and even feel possessive of them. This is why it is very important to share such a person. If they are that special, and touch-off strong feelings in your own heart and soul, there’s a good chance they’ll do the same with your readers. And that, my friend, is the ultimate turn-on.


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