A Creative Duel!

Writer versus editor sounds like a natural battle… take cat versus dog for example. However, when both are in one person (you) it can present a writing challenge unlike any other.


Silhouette-women-arguingIf you’re a writer, you know that distractions (i.e., children, doorbells, telephones, drilling sounds from the neighbor’s yard) can flub-up your work. But what if the distraction is in your own being?

I often wonder if I have a case of cross-voice dominance, because being a writer and an editor is a little like cross-brain dominance — both sides are dueling with each other for control, and ultimately it is the brain (or the writing) that wins or loses. My left brain wants sequential thinking, order, logic and numbers. My right brain wants fruit punch, cookies, balloons and art supplies. On the other hand, my writer wants words to flow like lava onto the page (or the computer screen, given that we live in the modern age). The editor in my soul wants things to be just right, and keeps her hand on the writer’s pen, casting a shadow of doubt on the story underneath the tapping fingers. Consequently, the voice of the story that holds all the depth and vibrato can be silenced, or at the very least, muffled. It’s a balancing act, and I have pick my cross-voice battles carefully.

Are you editing your voice to death? Do your readers feel left with a flat case of the verbiage blahs after reviewing your work? It may be time to put on the blinders, grab a brain divider, and tell your inner editor to go do some laundry while you get your writing done. It sounds so easy, doesn’t it?

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